Rocca la Meja

The refuge is the perfect starting point for hikers who can reach peaks of several heights:

  • Monte Savi 2615 mt
  • Monte Salè 2630 mt
  • Monte Nebius 2600 mt
  • Monte Omo 2615 mt
  • Rocca la Meja 2831mt
  • Punta Parvo 2524 mt
  • Monte Viridio 2498 mt
  • Cima Viribianc 2477 mt

A particularly interesting landmark is the nature trail “Lou Viol des Fiour” (the alpine flower trail, recorded as P46 – ex P12) that sweeps backward over the valley with an easily accessible high route. It goes from the Colle di Valcavera and leads you through flower fields of unique and breath-taking beauty.

We suggest taking this tour in june or july.

Carbonetto Refuge is the ideal place for typical Lou Viage, Curnis Auta and GTA paths.


Those who love trekking even longer than one day have lots of opportunities to reach the Carbonetto refuge by foot or by mountain bike: 

  • from Castelmagno, across the colle di Viribianc (paths R5 e P11)
  • from Vinadio, across the colle di Serour (paths P06 e P12)
  • from Sambuco, across the colle di Valcavera (path P34)
  • from Demonte, across the  colle di Pera Puntua (path Lou Viage)
  • from Rifugio della Gardetta, across the colle di Valcavera (ex military dirt road)

It is recommended to contact the owner to have more details


For those who are keen on climbing there are several opportunities on the nearby Rocca la Meja


In winter the refuge can be opened upon booking to meet the needs of ski tourers and hikers with snow-rackets, who usually swarm into this area. The optimal exposure and the perfect thermal insulation of the new wood structure offer a safe and welcoming shelter in all seasons.